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Data Asap runs in Windows, but it generates ASP pages that can be run on Microsoft servers or PHP pages that can be run on Unix / Linux servers!

*Very Important: If you are already using a previous version and would like to upgrade, be sure to back up all of your files first, including your project files (.sss) and any of your Web files (.htm, .html, .gif, .jpg, etc.) Copy all your files to a safe folder in case you ever need them again!



Data Asap requires the Microsoft Data Access Components, not provided by some versions of Windows, prior to Vista.

You can check to see if these have already been installed on your system by opening the Control Panel and looking for the "ODBC" icon.

We have provided the download from our server for your convenience if you require them. (see below)DOWNLOAD MDAC

Download Visual Basic 6 support files if needed: