detail-fields.pngChoose the fields you want to appear on the Detail Page, as above. On this page you will typically include most, if not all fields to display the entire record's contents. To save time, click the button labeled "ALL" on the right, to add all fields to the detail page. You can then uncheck to deselect any fields you wish to exclude from the detail page.








NOTE: If you have a unique key that is of the Auto Numeric type, it will not appear on the Add or Edit pages. This is a precaution to avoid database errors. If a field is of type AutoNumber, the number is generated automatically by the database and attempts should never be made to supply the number from the Add or Edit forms.

Memo Fields: Any field that is of type "memo" in your database will automatically get generated on all forms as a larger textarea box.

Checkbox Fields: Any field that are of type "boolean" in your database will automatically get generated as a checkbox.

Note: If you desire textarea boxes or checkboxes on your forms, it is recommended to edit your database and make the fields of type memo or boolean accordingly.   For MySQL databases this would type text or type tinyint.