This optional feature allows for you to pull in a look you've created with the software of your choice. Data Asap generates pages using this page as a "template".

You will have the option of choosing your own look!

Now in version 3.0 we've added the ability for you to design your own look using your favorite Web Page Design Tool. Once you've created the look then we'll add the data. Simply add {data} in your page wherever you would like the data to appear. Use this special tag only once on your template and Data Asap will generate the necessary code using your template. The example below has a dotted line which represents a table or layer that you would like to place data and thus be placing the {data} tag.


Header and Footer:
This is optional. Choose any htm or html file you would like to have included at the top or bottom of each of your pages, by clicking the forward slash symbol to the right of the Header and Footer text boxes, respectively.   Your files will be left intact, and only be used to generate additional personal header and footer files.

Note: Any images used in your header or footer files will need to be copied to the appropriate sub folder. Data Asap does not ensure that all the images are present.