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Publish your database to the Web! Currently supports MySQL database and PHP and MSAccess database with ASP . Search, View, Add, Modify, or Delete records that are password protected. Generate user-friendly responsive pages that display data as either content for your website or as a powerful backend to manage your database providing a means to have a database driven website. Your visitors can then perform useful searches to locate the information they need quickly, or add their own information, if they log in with the correct password.


Data Asap is a website database development tool that can be used to display your data online. Search, View, Modify, Add, or Delete data with password protection as needed anywhere using the Internet. The generated pages can be used for many applications:

For additional products that come with our recommendation, visit our resources page. Thanks for visiting our website and please have a look around. Benefits Data Driven websites are dynamic! To keep a website up to date takes a lot of time and attention. With a database driven website the layout can be created once and then content can be stored in the database. The content can then be updated regularly by simply logging into an administration page and modifying the data. keywords: publish database to web, publish database online, MySQL database online, access database online, database driven website, intranet builder, content management, active server page generator,php database tool,asp database tool,internet database tool, web database utility,web database wizard